Conveyor Metal DetectorWMD600/300

For detecting metal impurities from bulk materials or after packaging. (0-800kHz variable frequency)

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Product Introduction

Essential Information

Quality:          This machine adopts German technology. The main control board is imported from Germany so as to provide high
                       accuracy high sensitivity and high stability.
Application:  The conveyor metal detector system detects magnetic and non-magnetic small metal impurities even the metal is
                       enclosed in the product. It is in-line solution without stopping the normal production process while protect product quality.
Site:               This machine can be installed in the conveyor line or operator manually put products on the conveyor belt. The machine
                       stops when detecting metal or rejects them in-line.
Frequency:   0-800kHz high detecting frequency.

Product Advantages/ Performance Characteristics

Structure:            Robust stainless steel detect head (one time pouring) and conveyor frame which ensures machine stability
                              and service life. Minimum machine body and detect head non metal area. Can minimize conveyor length for
                              easy installation and integration.
Precision:            Excellent system performance machine can effectively work under the interference of vibration noise and product
                              effect. Machine with optimal sensitivity and adjustable detect precision. 100% product is detected during conveying.
Cleaning:             Hygiene design. Easy dismantling and cleaning. Whole machine is open structure and no gaps. Detect head do
                              not accumulate dust. All product contact parts are food grade.
System:                It has the functions of product learning and effect restraint which can be used to detect different kinds of products.
                              With 200 storages of different products the machine can change its product parameters in no time. It also has storage
                              functions of 1500 incidents (delete memory) built-in cull clock multi-program memory log in user level management
                              control and power failure protection.
Safety:                  In case of fault machine gives alarm immediately. After setting time running metal detector system gives alarm to
                              require a performance test by metal testing balls to confirm the functionality of the machine.
Operation:          The machine can be operated in English/Chinese language through intuitive access multi-program memory.
Size:                     Detect head opening size: 50*50mm-1500*800mm. The size can be customized.
Levels:                 Protection Degrees: IP65 which can meet the requirements of HACCP certification.
Power:                 The whole machine power consumption is 023kw/H which is entirely energy saving.
Documentation:  All the material certifications as well as IQ OQ PQSOP and FAT are supplied with.

Special Description

Application area: Pharmaceutical intermediate pharmaceutical packaging food additives fresh fish and meat chemical etc. hygiene industries. 

Technical Parameter

Model Passage Size
Detect Precision Model Passage Size
Detect Precision
WMD200/100 200*70 Fe 0.5mm  SUS 0.7mm WMD400/200 400*165 Fe 0.9mm  SUS 1.2mm
WMD200/150 200*125 Fe 0.6mm  SUS 0.9mm WMD500/150 500*115 Fe 0.8mm  SUS 1.0mm
WMD300/150 300*125 Fe 0.7mm  SUS 0.9mm WMD500/250 500*215 Fe 1.1mm  SUS 1.5mm
WMD300/200 300*165 Fe 0.8mm  SUS 1.1mm WMD600/200 600*165 Fe 0.9mm  SUS 1.2mm
WMD400/150 400*115 Fe 0.7mm  SUS 1.0mm WMD600/300 600*265 Fe 1.2mm  SUS 1.6mm
1)Comply with national standards suitable for long time production application with stable performance.
2)Most advanced micro process control system with self learning function.
3)The system is suit for industrial environment with vibration hitting and static interference for detecting materials with water or metallic element.
4)Main control parts are imported. Control menu is simple operation with one-button operation mode with Chinese/English operation menu.
5)Process parameter requirements: sensitivity is adjustable reject time is adjustable within 0.05-60 seconds horizontal conveyor belt feed standard metal rejection rate is 100%.
6)On the basis of normal detect precision machine maximum speed is 300 meters/min; minimum speed is 3 meters/min. 
7)metal detector conveyor belt is imported Habasit non anti static.
8)Machine uses inverter control motor.
9)Provide with metal samples for testing. 

Quality Assurance

Function:        Detect magnetic and non-magnetic small metal impurities even the metal is enclosed in the product.
Improve:         Leave the unqualified products in your workshop improve product quality.
Provide:          Inspection reports.
Optimization:  Optimize production process and improve efficiency.
Benefits:         Avoid complaints or product recalls improve your corporate image.
Warranty:        12 months.

Technical Support

For more information, please call Sales Engineer: Jinhai Yang 0532-87067772 13606300100

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